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New album "The Fourth Dimension" out now! 23. September 2022

The new album "The 4th Dimension" is out now on LP, CD and streaming. 

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New single "Stay" out now! 26. August 2022

Third single "Stay" from the new album out now.

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New single "Follow Your Heart" out now! 05. August 2022

Second single "Follow Your Heart" from the forthcoming album is out now. 

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New single "Dreamers" out now! 03. June 2022

First single "Dreamers" from the forthcoming new album "The Fourth Dimension" is released today. 

Dreamers is an upbeat hard-rocking celebration of escapism!

Sometimes you need to close our eyes and turn your back on problems and everyday challenges in this mad and crazy world. Dreamers lets you forget it all, and fly away in a dreamworld where everything is possible. The song is rocking, yet lightweight and with a persistent drive that makes you trust your wings to carry you safely home. “We are Dreamers – Join us now!”

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New album out September! 03. June 2022

The new album entitled "The Fourth Dimension" is released September 23th. 

Cover artwork is made by artist Benny Aas Mathiesen.


Warning Shots

Life Is Today


Follow Your Heart



Say That You Want Me

The Road Back To Hell

Remove Your Crown

The Fourth Dimension

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Press quotes

”This is a must have for all fans of melodic Heavy Metal…”, “… a surprising highlight of the year 2016.”, “…Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan”   (91/100) – (Belgien)

“Captivating from the off with great riffs and equally strong melodies, assisted by a production that has both balls and heart, what’s not to like?”   (8/10) – Powerplay Magazine (UK)

”It’s one of those albums that is very hard not to enjoy…”, ”…stuffed with melody and power, each song inviting repeated listens.”, “It has to be said, that this is great, Danes…”  - Fireworks Magazine (UK) 

”Danske Meridian sparker døren ind med international elegance”   (8/10) –

“Faktisk er dette et av de bedre albumene jeg har hørt i år.”  (5/6) – Scream Magazine (N)